Judy Major-Girardin Pond Observations February 15 2017

Opening Reception with Judy Major-Girardin in Attendance
Sunday March 5th, 2:30 - 5:30pm
Known for her printmaking and painting, Judy Major-Girardin is an artist who loves the beauty of nature and has a passion for sustainability. She has spent her career studying and teaching alternative and sustainable arts practices as an Associate Professor in painting and printmaking techniques at McMaster University in the School of the Arts.

Erin Vincent and Leah Eke September 04 2015

ERIN VINCENT    fabricated memories


LEAH EKE    Sixteen ... Twenty-six

September 11 to November 7, 2015
Artist Reception During SuperCrawl:
Saturday, September 12, 3pm

Join us during during SuperCrawl as we celebrate the work of Erin Vincent and Leah Eke.

Vincent's delicate mixed media works explore memorabilia, her recent additions of slick plexi filter these memories, making them feel at once contemporary and of the past. 

Eke's photographs respond to poetry she created as a sixteen year-old. She explores the spaces that influenced her poetry with a twenty-six year-old perspective. The redacted poetry and glossy images tell the story of a young woman reaching maturity.


Claire Anderson
So Long and Thanks For All the Debt
July 16 2015


July 17 to September 5, 2015
Artist Reception:
Friday, August 14, 7pm

A series exploring an economy based on debt and lies.

The Nathaniel Hughson Gallery is pleased to present this series of sculptural glass work by Claire Anderson. A recent graduate of the Sheridan College of Craft and Design, she is currently an Artist in Residence at the Living Arts Centre in Mississauga. 

Clarence Porter
Sunsets and Shadow Things
April 23 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, May 15, 7pm
May 11 to July 5, 2015

Just before the light of day has fallen behind the farthest horizons, there is that magical time of  Sunsets and Shadow Things: a time when the clouds are illuminated and the earth's things fall back into shadows.
This was my inspiration.

We are excited to present Sunsets and Shadow Things, a new series of stunning pastel paintings by Master Pastellist, Clarence Porter. Porter has examined light and darkness in his most recent body of work, using his own unique touch to set each piece on fire.

View Sunsets and Shadow Things Online!

Beverley Hawksley
the inside story... is not only mine
April 23 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, May 15, 7pm
May 11 to July 5, 2015

We all want a story, or maybe what we really want is "the" story.

Beverley Hawksley is a visual storyteller, but this time, she wants you to bring your own narrative to her images. How you relate to the work, and what you take away from it, is most important to the Huntsville artist. Join us for the opening reception on May 15th and become part of the conversation.

Gord Bond - Approximate People February 24 2015

Opening Reception: Friday, March 13, 7:00 pm
March 12 to May 3, 2015

We are excited to present Gord Bond's most recent series of painting - Approximate People. 

Bond's work since graduating with his Masters in Fine Art from York University has focused on the human form, while experimenting with form, colour and mark-making. Bond’s influences include past and contemporary painters who express the urge to explore and expand their medium. His paintings embody the playfulness of painters such as Philip Guston, Willem De Kooning, Eddie Martinez, Nicole Eisenman and Dana Schutz. Bond’s work balances his interest in the human form with a more abstract focus on the process of painting itself. The result is a body of expressive and colourful figurative paintings.

Bond’s paintings follow the motto “destroy to create”. Within each painting there are multiple images sitting below the surface. In a somewhat counterintuitive process, the paintings are repeatedly destroyed in hopes of creating new images in the dissolved forms and colours. The results of this method are figurative paintings containing a strong visual history which reference both the human condition and the practice of painting.

Daniel Banko: A Movement in 8 Seconds January 15 2015

Opening Reception: Thursday, February 12, 7pm
January 29 to February 28, 2015

We are pleased to present photographer Daniel Banko's first exhibition in ten years, A Movement in 8 Seconds. For the last year, he has been collaborating with the HPO to showcase 18 of their core musicians and their instruments.

Banko has focused on the act of performance, a key component of every musician’s character, often overlooked in favour of technological convenience in today’s society. Each image is a reflection of a performer enjoying their craft—a blur of movement specific to each artist, their instrument and the music. The portraits are a moment of focus and concentration that reflect the intensity and years of dedication that is often underrepresented and overshadowed by their collaborative efforts.

“We were so pleased when Daniel Banko approached us with his idea,” says Carol Kehoe, Executive Director of the HPO. “To participate in an innovative project that brings together both the visual arts and symphonic music is very exciting. It’s fitting, in an arts community as vibrant as ours, that the merger of these two art forms would result in such a visually arresting exhibition.”

30% of the proceeds from sales will go to support the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra.

Daniel Banko has worked as a commercial photographer and creative director since 1996. His work has been published across North America and the United Kingdom. Banko is a champion of the arts, working and volunteering with numerous arts organizations to promote culture in the community. This series of dramatic portraits celebrating the performing arts is a departure from his commercial career and a return to his studio roots.

View Daniel Banko's Photographs here.

HPO Gallery Series - Intimate Concerts in Inspirational Settings November 25 2014

The Nathaniel Hughson Gallery is excited to host the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra as they launch their new Gallery Series. Bringing professional musicians into a gallery setting, these intimate chamber concerts will be offset by inspirational and beautiful environments.

The 60-minute concerts will be hosted by an HPO representative, providing context for the musical selections and the host galleries will be providing insights into the current exhibition in the space.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Doors open 6:30pm
Performance at 7:30pm

Harp and Flute Duo
Featuring principal flutist Leslie Newman and harpist Erica Goodman

Admission by Donation
Limited Seating, First Come First Served
Cash Bar & Reception Following the performance.

Visit hpo.org for more information.


Happy Holidays - Group Show and Openhouse November 25 2014

Join us in celebrating our Artists and our New Space.

November 28, 2014 to January 17, 2015

Opening Reception Friday, November 28, 2014, 6-10pm

We are moving to the second floor of 27 John Street North to better showcase the work of our artists and host cultural events. Join us on Friday, November 28 as we launch our new space and celebrate the hard work of our artists. 

We will be showcasing the work of:
Shannon Amidon, Stephen Brookbank, Elesavet Lawson, Beverley Hawksley, Robert Dey, Sandra Henry, Clarence Porter, Ryan Price, Stephanie Vegh, Alicia Giansante, Fiona Kinsella, K2 Upcycling, Todd Lawson, Tina Newlove, Linda Henningson, Ianitza Vasseliva, Gord Bond, Erin Vincent, Nathan Flis, Ross Bonfanti Laurie Kilgour Walsh and Dan Banko.

Stephanie Vegh: Black Book, White Lies October 23 2014

Opening Reception: Thurs, Nov 6, 6 to 9 pm

October 30 to November 22, 2014

The Nathaniel Hughson Gallery is proud to present Stephanie Vegh’s newest series of drawings: Black Book, White Lies. Vegh’s drawings re-examine the life and lore of Hamilton’s infamous Evelyn Dick.

Dick has long captured Hamiltonian’s imagination and the dark tone of her enduring story has inspired a new series of works by Stephanie Vegh. As she reexamines the tales that have been twisted through countless retellings, Vegh yet again breathes new life into the morbid yet intriguing life and death of Evelyn Dick. The many versions of Dick’s story, originating not the least from the femme fatale herself, leave many questions unanswered. In Vegh’s Black Book, White Lies drawings she has skipped around the facts and speculation surrounding Evelyn Dick and continued her transformation - retelling the story of a woman, once living and too easily simplified as myth.

Stephanie Vegh’s artistic practice echoes her studies in Comparative Literature. She draws on snippets of multiple texts and reassembles the fragments to create an interconnected whole. Erasing and redrawing the past to create a new narrative often focusing on a new hero, previously in the shadows.

The drawings in her series, Black Book, White Lies, are an examination of fact and fiction, a retelling of history through Vegh’s particular lens. The works are a comment on the enduring morbid fascination the public still has on Dick’s thrilling story.



View more of the Black Book, White Lies collection here: 


About Stephanie Vegh
Born in Hamilton, Stephanie Vegh studied Art and Comparative Literature at McMaster University before leaving for the Glasgow School of Art to complete her MFA.  She has returned to Hamilton where she continues to create art and write essays and reviews for various galleries and publications in Canada and the United Kingdom while staying active in Hamilton’s arts community.  Vegh is the Executive Director of the Hamilton Arts Council and is a member of the Supercrawl Curatorial Committee.  She is a two-time recipient of an Ontario Arts Council Visual Arts Project Grant and is currently represented in Hamilton by the Nathaniel Hughson Gallery.


Elesavet Lawson - Spirits of the North - Oct 2 to 25, 2014 September 25 2014

Opening Reception: October 2, 6 to 9pm

As a human race we try to find a connection to our inner spirit whether it be in animal spirits, inner connections, dream catchers and evil eye symbols. Elesavet Lawson's newest collection of oil paintings called Spirits Of The North is of a spirit dream; a way to connect to oneself, inspired by northern Canadian animals, folklore and dreams.

About Elesavet Lawson
Elesavet Lawson is a multi-award winner of the Applied Arts Illustration Award. Based in Burlington Ontario, Elesavet works as a full time illustrator, whose works have graced the pages of various magazines as well as Orchestra programs.

Preview Elesavet Lawson's Spirits of the North here.

Tina Newlove - Nervous Wait - September 4 - 27, 2014 August 28 2014

Opening Reception: September 4, 2014, 6 to 9pm
Performance and live painting by Tina Newlove and Andrew Hendriks of In The Red

Tina Newlove’s new work conveys a sense of jitters or hyper awareness. Overlapping layers of paint and form create compositions that make the viewer slightly agitated, encouraging them to spend time taking in each part of each beautiful painting. “Metaphorical scenes catch figures in moments of contemplation, anxiety or in mid-conversation with unseen counterparts.”

“The figures in my oil paintings struggle to be seen and heard versus their desire to hide under the viewers’ sightline. Layers of paint define and then defuse the themes adding complicated relationships between repeating shapes and the overall composition.

I explore situations where women interact with themselves, nature, children, men and the controllable and uncontrollable environments around them.”

The background moments of Newlove’s day-to-day life contribute to the steady hum of energy of in her work: “The patterns in the ceiling fan, the stitching on the organ, the bowl of apples, the steady chug of the dishwasher and techno music thumping away in the background.”

“Bamboo sticks and good luck signs,
the sun and the moon every day,
the books on the shelves,
flowers from the market on Saturday,
city grids and stoplights,
past-present-future, past-present-future,
A-L, M-Z,
life cycles, death cycles, wash cycles…
a bird with brains
a sunny spot on a cloudy day
streetlights staring
methodical stitching,
collecting bird nests and forgotten birth control pills
and thinking out loud”

View more work from Nervous Wait here.


Tina Newlove continues to be recognized by curators and jurors as an artist who is making a significant contribution to the cultural life of Canada. The Arts & Letters Club of Toronto founded by members of the Group of Seven commissioned Tina to create the annual 1998/99 Executive List. Her abstract oil painting titled Organizing my Mind is in the City of Toronto’s permanent collection. In 2011 Newlove received a First Place Award for her bronze sculpture A Song Grew Through My Rib Cage from Lakeshore Arts and in 2010 an Award of Merit for her painting Step Lightly at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.


Shannon Amidon - Selcouth - August 1 to 30th, 2014 August 28 2014

Opening Reception - Friday, August 8th, 7-10pm

The Nathaniel Hughson Gallery presents it’s first showing of Selcouth by San Jose California artist Shannon Amidon.

Selcouth is a labor-intensive, handcrafted series of hand woven photographs layered with encaustic and oil paint. A collection of odd and beautiful, Amidon walks us through a world of wonder and curiosity. By interlacing science, art and nostalgia creating eerie and familiar images telling a story of exploration and discovery.

“I love using materials that have a nostalgic, pensive, or mysterious feeling. For me, this phenomena is represented in the natural world through dried or shed objects, and through man made items such as discarded old books, maps, and other ephemeral objects. I have a strong emotional connection to well-worn objects that have been through many hands. Sometimes I feel the essence of their history reflected in my art.

A Wistful Moment
20" x 20"
woven photographs and encaustic

Fruit Collector
20" x 20"
woven photographs and encaustic

12" x 12"
woven photographs and encaustic 

Shannon's artwork has been exhibited worldwide with emphasis on the US West Coast. In 2011 she was named the Arts Council Silicon Valley Artist Laureate, receiving a Fellowship Grant in photography. She was also the recipient of an Eco Art Grant and a studio make-over from Art Inspector, a program of the Zero One Art and Technology Network.